Choosing your Courses

If you are not a current student at STA, please see the New Student Zone in the menu above.

Choosing courses and making appointments for current STA students:

To change courses, please read information in your Guidance Classroom for your grade (Google Classroom) about course change windows of time, and make an appointment using the "Make a Guidance Appointment" form in the CLASSWORK section during those windows of time.  The form is to be used for any other Guidance questions as well.

Course Selections for Next Year

The due date for current student course selection for the 2024-25 school year: Feb. 27, 2024.  After this time Xello is not able to accept changes and an appointment needs to be made with Guidance until about mid-April, before we start building the schedule.

To select courses we use XELLO. 
Be sure you are logged into your computer under your SMCDSB account.  It will not work if you are logged into other accounts, including other Gmail accounts.

XELLO is reached by going to your Student Connect/Bright Space page, and clicking on the XELLO Tab, then "Course Planner".

Courses at a Glance 
List of course offerings at STA.

If you have questions, please use the "Make a Guidance Appointment Form" found in your Guidance Classroom for your grade  (you must log in with your SMCDSB account). 

PARENTS can also make an appointment by having their student open the appointment form, and in the area where you say you want an appointment, include parent email/phone and any information about the reason for the appointment. 


To plan to choose courses:

Documents/Pages to help make choices:

Academic, Applied, Locally Developed: How to Choose Your Course Level going into grade 10
This document includes links to further course choice documents.  

Key Terms and Course Choice Consideration for Post-Secondary Education

This link takes you to our Post-Secondary planning page on this site which has more planning material.