Community Service

By April 30 in their graduating year, students are required by the Ministry of Education, to have completed 40 hours of community service.  **This has been altered for graduating classes of 2020, 2021 to 20 hours.**
The hours have to be in by April 30 of their graduating year due to the time it takes to process them (so they can all be recorded in our system by the end of June).  Students are encouraged to submit these hours on the form (below), as they go through high school though - so any time they get hours, they can submit a form with appropriate information and signatures filled out.  We recommend an average of 10 per year, but students may exceed 40 overall (they often do) and may do them whenever they want.  
Hours are submitted to the Guidance Secretary, in person is preferable (during Covid times, by email).
Students can start collecting community service hours in the summer heading into grade 9 (but not before that summer starts).
When we can, for appropriate events, we post community opportunities below (usually public events).  
Otherwise, students should consider that their hours truly are community oriented.  They might be with community events, or with elderly neighbours (raking, lawnmowing, yardwork in general), or helping with families with very young children similar items as with elderly neighbours.  There are often "Garbage Pick Up days" in the spring and fall that are co-ordinated by a community group.  Coaching sports teams, dance or martial arts are all considered for hours, or volunteering at local dramatic events...
Some more ideas to get hours are listed below.  

Click here to download a 
Community Service Activity Form

Current volunteer opportunities are available - CLICK HERE
Please check back regularly for new community service opportunities.

General Volunteer Opportunities

CONTACT South Simcoe

CLASS - Community Living Association for South Simcoe

Gibson Centre for Community, Arts and Culture email

Tottenham BlueGrass Festival

Habitat for Humanity Huronia: Restore