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Grand Canyon

2011 You have to see the Grand Canyon at least once in your lifetime!
2012  You have to see the St. Lawrence in Quebec twice in your lifetime!!

FORMULA SHEET 11aa formula sheet SPH4U.pdf for SPH4U
FORMULA SHEET 2       formula sheet 2   for SPH4U

Examples for SPH4U
Quantum Hologram

What is Mass?  Besides something I believe in it is part of our daily lives.  Without the Higgs field we would not be here and everything would exist as massless particles like the bosons.  To start and learn this fascinating material try these three videos:
1.  Higgs Boson 1
2.  Higgs Boson 2
3.  Higgs Boson 3 

  Where would the World Be without WHMIS -  From the CLS   , Simple Modified
Review of SPH3U  physics  -Click

Newton - PPT

Sept 5th - PPT ,   Questions on PPT ,  Writing Lab Reports -  SCIENCE IDEAS
Sept 6th - PPTQuestions   , Answers ,   Labs
Sept 7th - PPT   ,  Questions ,   Chem Review Applet

Complete blank chem review sourced different textbook for studying