Changing your Mode of Learning for Quad 2 !!!!!!

Changing your Mode of Learning ! Deadline Oct 29th
Posted on 10/26/2020

Dear Parents / Guardians, 

Recently our Director sent out communication informing you that our Virtual Secondary School (VSS) will be closing and students enrolled at the VSS will be returning to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School.  Students will have the opportunity to take their classes either remotely from their homes or face to face through the course offerings of St. Thomas Aquinas. This change will be taking place at the start of Quadmester 2 - Monday November 16th.  It is at this time that we will be collecting information for students who wish to CHANGE their mode of learning.

Attached is a google form that we are asking parents to fill out only if their son/daughter wishes to change their mode of learning (from remote at home to in person OR in person to remote at home).  

If you wish to remain “as is’ nothing is required for you at this time.  By default all students will remain in their current mode of learning unless you indicate that you wish to switch by filling out the attached google form. 

This matter is time sensitive as guidance must begin to rebuild our timetable. Please fill out the attached google form by Thursday October 29th at 9am if you wish your son/daughter to change their mode of learning. 

Please note - if you are a VSS student returning to St. Thomas Aquinas your son/daughters timetable will be constructed using the following criteria:

  • Choices indicated on their course selections submitted last spring

  • Compulsory course requirements

A further note - students who choose to learn remotely from home will not be enrolled in “hands on courses” such as Broad based technology (construction technology, hospitality, comm. tech), physical education or the Arts.  

Guidance will be in touch with those students / parents who fill out the attached google form.  There is no need to contact guidance to book an appointment. 

Changing my son/daughters mode of learning - GoogleForm