Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Munich and Krakow

Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Munich and Krakow
Posted on 03/30/2023

Dear Families,


We are delighted to announce that STA is working with Georgia Hardy Tours for the 5th time to organize an Educational Adventure to Berlin, Prague, Salzburg, Munich and Krakow ! The trip is open to all students (Grade 9-12) and will take place in May 2024 and will include a variety of activities to enhance our curriculum.  We have carefully designed an itinerary that will allow students to visit some of the most interesting, beautiful and historically-rich places on earth. 


In order to provide you with more insight into this exciting opportunity, we have asked Georgia Hardy Tours to put together a detailed itinerary to highlight the itinerary, tour price ($5,295.00-$5,995.00 per person + insurance) as well as and registration instructions.  


Here is the e-brochure:


The staff supervision ratio on this trip is 1 teacher/chaperone for every 10 students.  


To register for this trip and secure your spot, please click on the link  and click on the “BOOK NOW” button on the top right corner of the page (you will need to be on a computer or turn your phone sideways to view all the tabs) and enter the trip code:  24-49-STACSS

We will be holding an in-person meeting on April 12th at 6:00pm at the St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S. Cafeteria. At the time of the meeting, the price will be confirmed and following the meeting you can make the decision to proceed with the payment for this trip or remove your child from the trip. There is no financial obligation if you register online and express interest in this trip and then change your mind.  Although there are no financial repercussions by signing up for this trip and changing your mind, we kindly as the you do not sign up unless you intend to send your child on this trip as there are a limited number of spots available.  


At this time, we are not asking for any payment.  Please do not pay anything.   Please indicate you are “paying by cheque” to bypass the payment section. In the unlikely event this trip is not approved by your school board, we will cancel your registration and you will not be charged.  


If you do not have a passport handy or updated, please select, “I am renewing my passport” to bypass this section.  


Once the trip reaches critical volume and the school approves the name list, we will reach out to you for payment.


Confirmation of your spot on this trip is based on a variety of factors such as:


  1. First-come first serve with priority given to senior students and those who are enrolled in history. 
  2. Confirmation your child is in good academic standing. 
  3. If registration exceeds trip capacity, participants will be required to submit a personal statement of interest. 


We hope you can join us on this amazing trip!