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The Push for Change
Published on Dec 15, 2016 09:45

Good Morning,
I hope you are all staying safe on this snow day!

I wanted to inform our parents and community about an exciting event taking place at STA next week
The Push for Change is an organization created by a man named JOE Roberts. He was a former homeless addict, who transformed his difficult life to become a successful businessman. Due to his experiences, he has personally experienced thinking in the face of some of life’s biggest obstacles, and he is dedicated to sharing this and is dedicated to sharing his courage with people who are also facing their own challenges.

If we can prevent youth homelessness we can aid young people in a safe transition into adulthood. It is also the most cost effective and practical approach to solving this problem that looks like it has no end. If we continue to strive for a change it will come.

Joe has made it his mission to raise money and awareness for homelessness youth. He is doing this buy pushing a shopping cart across Canada. A shopping cart is a symbol of homelessness, as well as the symbol for this organization. Joe began his walk on May 1, 2016 in St. John’s, NL and will be walking for 517 days. His journey will end in Vancouver, BC on September 30, 2017


Fortunately for us,The Push for Change organization has allowed STA the pleasure of having Joe Roberts come to our school to speak with us about his journey. On December 22nd Joe will be walking to our school from Orangeville. We will be having an assembly to hear about Joe’s incredible journey and his story. This is an amazing opportunity to meet and man who is making such a big impact. Joe will speak to our students at 1pm At 1:45 will have the opportunity to walk with Joe and his shopping cart for 2km (to Tim Hortons and back). This media event will be an incredible opportunity for our students to be part of this awareness campaign. All families are welcome to attend the assembly and are welcome to do the walk with Joe. Please ensure that your children attend school on this exciting day!! Thank you for your support. A. Varano, Principal Please see the video below or visit the website