Registering for E-Learning Courses

The following courses are currently being offered for the 2018-19 school year. These courses are available to all schools in our school board and thus there are a limited number of spaces per school.  Enrollment in the grade 12 courses is reserved as priority for grade 12 students who can not work these courses into their timetable.  The courses will only run if there are enough students. 

To register for these course, please make an appointment with Guidance. Space in these courses is very limited.

Semester 1
CIA4UE Economics   Quad 1
HSB4UE Challenge & Change in Society  Quad 1
HHS4UE Families in Canada  Quad 1
SBI3C - Biology (College)  Quad 1
HRE4ME - Religion  Quad 1
ICS3UE Computer Science  Quad 2
 EWC4UE Writer’s Craft  Quad 2
MBF3C Math (College)  Quad 2

Semester 2
HRE4ME Religion  Quad 3
CGW4UE World Issues  Quad 3
SPH4UE Physics  Quad 3
FSF4UE French  Quad 3
ICS4UE Computer Science  Quad 3
ETS4UE Studies in Literature  Quad 4
MDM4UE Data Management  Quad 4
BAT4ME Accounting  Quad 4
SPH4CE Physics  Quad 4
HRE4ME Religion  Quad 4