Choosing your Courses

St. Thomas Aquinas

Course Selection Procedure

Students can log in to Career Cruising anytime up to January 31 to set their course selections for the following year.
From February to September, students wishing to edit their timetable selections for the following school year are to make an appointment in Guidance.  Career Cruising will be locked until next year's course selection cycle.

Students who are registering as new students should call the school to make an appointment with Guidance/Student Services for registration and course selection.

To plan to choose courses:
Click Here to be taken to a list and description of courses offered in the school. 

To choose courses:

Career Cruising
Click Career Cruising image above (or go to  The link will open in a new tab and you can toggle back to this page to follow the instructions below.

Login : SMC-xxxxxx (Your 6 digit student ID)
Password : Same as your school login, unless you have changed it.

Enter your email address (if prompted)

Click on "Choose My Courses" and click on the courses you wish to take next year.  Be sure that you choose the correct grade and level.

Hover over each course and click on the plus symbol to add courses. Click on the drop-down menu for departments and choose the department.

To determine what department a course is in look to the Course Code.
Course Codes that start with:

A: The Arts
B: Business Studies
C: Canadian and World Studies
I: Computer Studies   OR   if it is IDC4U then Guidance and Career Education
E: English
F: French
G: Guidance and Career Education (GPP, IDC courses)
P: Health and Physical Education
M: Mathematics
S: Science
H: Social Sciences and Humanities …
     EXCEPT for Religion courses, which are under Religious Education  (they start with H,         example HRE1O)
T: Technological Education

Once you have chosen your courses, you should click submit. Sometimes this will not let you submit, so you can just logout and it will save your courses anyway.

If you have any questions or concerns please make an appointment with a Guidance Counselor.

If you are in Grade 8 and experience a problem, please talk to your teacher.