Posted on 10/13/2021

Safety Concerns at St Thomas Aquinas

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

With the start of the new school year we have noticed a significant increase in vehicular traffic at St. Thomas Aquinas when compared to previous years.  There are both safety issues and congestion in the mornings dropping students off for school and in the afternoons picking students up at the end of the day.  We understand, particularly with covid that parents wish to drop off and pick up their children. 

This email will outline some guidelines and expectations going forward so you can continue to do so safely while not impacting the safety of your child or any other student in the building. 

We are asking parents and guardians to no longer drive their vehicle along the south side of the school (parallel to Nolan Road/ 5th line) during the following times:

Morning:  7:35 am until 8:05 am

Afternoon: 1:45 pm until the buses leave the parking lot (approximately 2:10 pm). 

The reasons for this change are rooted in student safety.  The south side of the school along Nolan Road is the designated fire zone, and as such is a no parking zone .  This area must be kept clear to allow for the arrival of fire, ambulance or police.  Although you may be picking up your son or daughter there are still many co curricular events occurring after 2pm that require us to have this area free from traffic to allow for the arrival of emergency vehicles should the situation arise.  

The south  side of the school is also the bus loading area for our special needs students.  The current traffic in this area has made loading and unloading of these transportation vehicles very difficult and at times unsafe.  Please be reminded that it is against the law to drive around  any school vehicle that has their red four way flashers on - even while on school property. 

For these reasons we are asking for your cooperation in not accessing the south parking lot during the above listed times. 

Some Options to Picking up your Son / Daughter

  • Going forward we are asking parents to pick up their child in the east parking lot (by the soccer field).  Parents may enter the property and drive along the west side of the school following the road past the portables to the east parking lot.  There is plenty of parking in the east parking lot. 

  • In the morning the arrival of buses is staggered.  As such you should have no issue driving around the school to the east parking lot

  • Please keep in mind that bus traffic is heavy after 1:45 pm.  If you wish to pick up your child in the east parking lot please arrive by 1:45pm at the latest.   The staggered dismissal of students begins at 1:57pm.

  • If you are unable to arrive prior to this time we suggest you park locally in the community and have your son/daughter walk to you.  There is an abundance of parking within a block of the school.  

The staff and students of St. Thomas Aquinas wish to thank you for your cooperation in this matter.  The safety of our students is paramount. 

 Please note that these changes are effective immediately.