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Grade 8 > 9 Slide Presentation   (Updated 11/14/22)
This presentation is also good for other grade entry points, but has some information specifically for grade 8s.

Temporary Virtual Tour of the School
The program we had with the Virtual Tour was shut down - this is a temporary YouTube version of it.  A new Virtual Tour should be up soon.

Courses at a Glance   (Updated 11/14/22)
List of course offerings at STA.

Grade 9 courses across the provinces are now all at one level, except for some students with exceptional needs.  Here is more information on that change: 

Registering At Our School

All students entering grade 9
Course Registration form for Grade 8s Choosing Courses at STA  Due January 31, 2023.    (This form is ready to be completed now - Guidance, 11/11/23)
All students wanting to start in Grade 9 at STA in September must complete this form to choose your courses.  

Local Catholic elementary school students entering grade 9:
Students entering STA from one of our 5 local elementary schools will 
1) complete the Course Registration form above
2) enter courses into Xello in their grade 8 classes with their Guidance teachers after completion of the Course Registration form above.
3) Order your school uniform from DGN Kilters. DGN Kilters Back to School Sale 2023
Next... Besides the $30 student fee (which will be billed at the start of the school year) your student registration is complete at this point. 

Students entering grade 9 at STA from non-local elementary schools:
Students will submit the Course Registration form 
(without entering courses in Xello) and then finish registering with one of the two packages below...

Current or previous SMCDSB students (not from one of our local SMCDSB elementary schools) Package
1) Students who are currently or were previously registered with the SMCDSB and are returning will look to this link and scroll down to "All other Students Transferring..." 
2) Order your school uniform from DGN Kilters.

New Students to SMCDSB Registration Package 
1) This link is only for students who are entirely new to attending an SMCDSB school. 
2) Order your school uniform from DGN Kilters.

All students entering grade 10-12 from other schools
1) Complete the appropriate package from the two packages above and contact the STA Guidance department at ext.357. Once you have contacted the Guidance department and submitted a summary of your course credits to us, you can complete this COURSE SELECTION FORM for grades 10-12.  Please read it carefully. (This can also be used by grade 9s entering school during at mid-term.)
2) Order your school uniform from DGN Kilters.

A $30 student activity fee will be requested through the “School Day” communication and payment system before the start of the next school year.


FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions Page
This page will not have any/many questions to start, but we will add questions and answers as we receive them.

Other Information

SMCDSB Welcome to High School Site

DGN Kilter 2023-24 Flyer and DGN Kilter STA Uniform Page

DGN Kilter Uniform Company Website

General registration information
SMCDSB information for all students: new or current/returning.

SMCDSB Forms Site

Grade 8 > 9 Welcome to STA Video