Guidance Appointments

Please use the “Book a Guidance Appointment” Form in the Guidance Google Classroom for ALL guidance questions.  
This can be done in two ways - using the QR code on the window to the guidance office

Go to Google Classroom.

Click Grade (X) Guidance Classroom


Click “Book a Guidance Appointment” form.

You must be fully logged in to your SMCDSB account to use the form.

(If you are not a member of the Guidance Classroom, you need to be; see instructions below to join.)

Course changes will only be done through the Book a Guidance Appointment form, during the course change window,  January 14-February  16, not by direct email or phone call.  

Course level changes (ex. Academic to Applied) still take place for up to 10 days after February 15, when we are able to make those changes.

Courses selections for next year (2022-23) have a deadline of February 25, 2022. 

Parents are encouraged to have their students make these appointments before becoming involved.  The reasons are included in this document.