Procedures & Contact Information

It is expected that students will attend all classes daily unless they are ill or exceptional circumstances arise. When a student is absent, the Education Act requires that notification from the Parent/Guardian, with reasons acceptable to the Principal, be provided prior to the student returning to class.

We ask parents and students to relate school attendance to societal expectations in the workplace. Prior notification of absence is always preferred. When a student is absent from classes it is preferred that either a PHONE CALL is made or a REPLY to our school generated EMAIL is sent. The phone call and/or email should indicate the reason for the student's absence. A student who does not have a phone call, note or email explaining the reason for the absence must see the Vice-Principal.

If your son or daughter has been, or will be absent from school please contact the school at: 

(905) 936-4743 press 5 or dial ext 581         


*Please ensure we have your email address on file for communication of school information and upcoming events. Please visit our website or contact the school to provide us with your email address.